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Maryland & West Virginia Families

Bruner Home 1700s - Schifferstadt Architectural Museum
Joseph Bruner - Interesting notes regarding this Grandfather.
Sharpsburg Reformed Cemetery - W. Champlaine St., Wash. Co., Sharpsburg, MD
In memory of Jacob Graff - Revolutionary War Veteran - He was born the 4th of June 1737 and Departed this life the 13th of August 1818 - Age 82 yrs 2 mo and 9 days
Jacob Graff - Revolutionary War Veteran Memorial - Jacob Graff is a Grandfather of Della Dixon Cleveland!
Jacob Middlekauff, Sr., Departed this life January 25, 1834 - 75 yrs 9 mo 15 days old
Ester Middlekauff Departed this life 11 May 1854 - 91 yrs 1 mo 0 days

German Immigrants, American Pioneers: The Brunners of Schifferstadt
By: Patricia Ogden and Boyce Rensberger

A history of the Brunner family of desperate German immigrants who came to colonial America in 1729. After years of likely indentured servitude in Pennsylvania, they moved to Frederick County, Maryland and rose to a level of affluence. Their lives and times typify the many German immigrants who helped build the United States.

The first two pictures seen on this page are of the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Frederick, Maryland which was built in 1758 by Joseph Bruner's youngest son, Elias Bruner, to replace their original family log home in that location. The house is one of the earliest known homes in Frederick County, Maryland which still stands and is also one of America's finest examples of German colonial architecture. Our German immigrant Grandfather Joseph Bruner was one of only 5% of immigrants to America during that period of time who could read and education was significant in his childrens' upbringing. Joseph settled in Frederick, Maryland in the 1740s with his wife and children on 303 acres, and built a log house to live in. Brunner and several other families, including the Schleys and Remsbergs, had migrated from Switzerland to Germany in search of religious freedom. Members of the pacifist Brethren faith, they stayed in Germany only a few years before coming to America. After ten generations, Joseph, his wife Catharina Elizabetha Thomas, and their children continue to make remarkable and lasting contributions to the City and County of Frederick, Maryland.
The third picture on this page is of a stone farmhouse that our Middlekauff family built on the 272-acre farm in Sharpsburg, Maryland that Christian Middlekauff purchased in 1813. The property is now called the Middlekauff-Poffenberger Farm.

The Washington County, Maryland Middlekauff - Poffenberger Farm with photographs of the property and relevant historical facts.
Middlekauf Farm Sharpsburg, MD images Library of Congress

Elizabeth Ann Lawson has shared some neat pictures and information about her 5th great grandparent, Johann Heinrich Bruner, Sr., that I thought you might like to see even though he is not one of our grandfathers. Still, he is one of our Uncles and it is nice to catch a glimpse of what his family life was like.
A Biographical History of the Eby Family: Being a History of Their Movements by Ezra E. Eby
The Aebi-Eby Families of Switzerland, Germany and North America, 1550-1850 by George Frederick Newman - A one-name study of Aebi/Eby families who left Switzerland as part of the Anabaptist movement and settled in Germany and then in North America.

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