Northeastern North Carolina
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Contributed by E. Frank Stephenson, Jr., Murfreesboro Historical Association, Inc.
Historic Murfreesboro Commission publication: "Renaissance In Carolina II"

A Murfreesboro View of the Meherrin River
Covered Bridge over the Meherrin River 1870
Adams Floating Theater Murfreesboro Wharf 1920
Calumet - Old mail boat that came to Murfreesboro
Early store on Main St., Murfreesboro
1790 William Rea store one of the oldest commercial structures remaining in NC.
1860 Painting of Elm Grove School (Darden) near Murfreesboro. (Girls School)
Lassiter Hotel on Main St., cira 1910
Brown House circa 1830 West Main St., Murfreesboro
Old Baptist Church on Winder Street, Murfreesboro 1890 photo of 1845 church
Civil War Veterans from Hertford, Northampton and Southampton County (VA) at old Buckhorn Baptist Church 1880
Mayor Jesse J. Yeates Law office 1890
Sewell Hotel on Main Street
Early lower Hertford County House
1875 photo of Lawerence House on Main Street (was the Barnes Home in 1973)
1875 photo of old racetrack located near West High Street
1900 photo of 18th century Quaker House in Northampton County, NC
Former slave at slave row off Broad Street 1870 photo
Andrew Jackson Dunning 1830 ~ 1910
1870 photo of slave houses off Broad Street
Main Street looking East from the Roberts House 1910
1890 photo of Deanes House
view of the restored Roberts House
Old Presbyterian Church in Murfreesboro
1890 view of railroad bridge that was no longer in use then
1900 photo of Judge Smith House that was on Williams Street
General Thomas Wynn House - Hare's Mill 1920
Steamer Nanticoke at the old landing 1910
circa 1900 Murfreesboro School Children
Meherrin River Wharf 1900
Vincent House on Main Street 1890
1920 Hertford Academy on Broad Street
1890 Old Town Well
Barnes Law Office 1840
Old Baptist Church on Winder Street, Murfreesboro 1890 photo of 1845 church
Old City Cemetery
1925 view of Peter Williams House on Williams Street
Old Masonic Hall on 5th and Board Streets (South side)
Listing of Christian Harbor Baptist Church Cemetery Interments, Hertford Co., NC
Christian Harbor Baptist Church, Hertford Co., NC
Christian Harbor Baptist Church Cemetery, Hertford Co., NC
Christian Harbor Baptist Church Graves, Hertford Co., NC

A tale begun in other days, when summer suns were glowing ~
A simple chime that served to time the rhythm of our rowing ~

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